Digitize real-world events and make them easy to use for everyone


    Digital data in physical space using LiDAR, drones, and satellite reality captures to produce 2D maps, BIM/CIM, and GIS data using real-time data federation with IoT sensor devices.


    Virtual versions of the real world accessible via smartphones, tablets, PCs, VR/AR and a variety of devices with access to everything that's happening in specific locations.


    Integration of physical and digital data with analysis based on digital twin leading to automation of future forecasting and optimization of maintenance operations.


Symmetry Dimensions Inc., founded on October 20, 2014, specializes in research and development for xR (extended reality) — including virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. We are progressing communications in construction and civil engineering with the development of a digital twin that enables a virtual reproduction of static and dynamic events happening in the real world along with the provision of a digital infrastructure that allows anyone to easily access such data.


We are a group of professionals who are among the first to shape the latest technology in order to overcome the greatest challenges faced by our customers.

  • Development of a digital twin platform
  • Using xR (VR/AR/MR) technology to development new tools
  • Working with customers to develop proof of concept prototypes
  • Strategic consulting for organizations looking to develop a digital twin execution plan


From July 2021, the platform "SYMMETRY Digital Twin Cloud" that allows you to easily connect open data on the Internet and APIs provided by each company to build digital twins for each field and use them in the field. Is now available.



  • Docomo
  • Hp
  • Microsoft
  • Nvidia


  • Eye
    Innovative startup 2017
  • Wired
    Innovation award (Japan)

Leveraging xR technology to develop digital twins for construction sites, urban planning and disaster preparedness among other use cases.

SYMMETRY integrates and visualizes data sets required for every customer.