CEO message


Symmetry Dimensions aims to make the physical and digital worlds symmetrical

I was born in the 1970s. A generation that grew up witnessing the evolution of computers, games, mobile phones, the Internet, smartphones, and other technologies.

We are also a generation that has experienced and cherished the vision of the future through various media such as novels, movies, comics, and animation.

The goal of Symmetry Dimensions Inc. is about symmetry between the real world and the digital. To help create a better world by improving communication between people, AI, physical and virtual worlds, and between creators and their ideas by offering greater symmetry and improving accessibility.

To do this, we are transforming static and dynamic events in the real world into digital data and building an infrastructure that anyone can use. We call this technology digital twin.

In 2020 the global epidemic of COVID-19 has restricted people's access to each other and forced them to live in closed spaces or work from home. The world has changed a lot.

In order to resume and continue society in the post COVID-19 environment, it is necessary to build a sustainable social infrastructure that can survive strongly in preparation for other crises that will occur in the future.

We're trying to solve this global challenge with a digital twin.

Founder, CEO

Shogo Numakura