The mission, vision, and values of SYMMETRY

In the following sections SYMMETRY will outline its mission, vision, and values and how we aim to contribute to society.


-Our societal mission-

Enriching lives with digital twins

Our mission is to create a society where everyone can live comfortably with the power of technology suited to the times.


-Our business objectives-

Visualize real world events and make them readily available to everyone

We will transform static and dynamic events occurring in the real world into digital data and realize a smart society through automation and optimization of operations using a platform that is available to everyone.


-Our key values-

One prototype from 100 discussions

We prefer rapid prototyping over perfection.

Trial and error

Success is built on failures. We'll keep pushing until we get it right.

Go for the win

We aim for the top of any industry we work in. Even if that means starting with an existing idea.